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AEO International Conference: Performance and Impact

Barcelona, 7 June 2017

The International Conference of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO): Performance and Impact, has taken place within the framework of SIL2017, the International Logistics Exhibition, in Barcelona.

It has been a unique opportunity for building relationships between policy-makers and private sector leaders in the international customs and logistics community, in a space for learning about, and reflection on, the role of the AEO.

In international trade, organizations are not measured solely by their annual profit, but also by how they perform their activity. Certification as an AEO proves that the company carries out its activity in accordance with regulations and recommendations relevant to the efficiency and security of its operations. The contribution of the AEO to the professional competence and quality of the services provided; the speed, simplification and predictability of customs procedures and formalities; and to ensuring that goods arrive at their destination in the foreseen time, are all subjects that will be explored in the AEO Conference sessions.

Here you can find the summaries and links to all the presentations of the AEO International Conference: Performance and Impact

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