The purpose of the 2019 International Congress on the Authorized Economic Operator: AEO in Global Supply Chains is to support all actors interested in the AEO standard, the International Association of AEO’s member organisations and their company affiliates to engage with thought leaders on the AEO role in trade performance, e-commerce, security and integrity, and to promote the implementation of best practice.


The Congress particularly aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the AEO standard and the contributions AEO businesses can make to the efficiency and security in global supply chains.
  • See the AEO in the larger context of e-commerce, and learn about challenges and opportunities for AEO businesses.
  • Better understand the links between the trade facilitation policy environment and integrity, with a focus on AEO.
  • Exchange business experience about building strong capacity in compliance systems and security control, and the role of AEO.
  • Better understand companies’ expectations and needs with regards to support from Customs Authorities in AEO programme implementation.
  • Define the key takeaway messages for Customs and Business, including key stakeholders of the supply chain such as customs brokers, logistics operators, port administrations, and free zones.
  • Identify key follow-up actions for the Association and participants.


*There will be simultaneous interpretation (English-Spanish) will be available, through an app on your mobile. Days before the celebration of the Congress, the organization will contact via email with those registered to facilitate + info

Venue: Salon Internacional de la Logistica (SIL), Recinto Feria! Montjuich, Barcelona